How Did I Not Know About This Competition?

I'm not all that crazy about the "sharing someone else's stuff" thing—I don't have a moral objection to it; it's just not my style, but a shaky, sticky tip of the hat to GlibandBitchy over on Crosstalk for this. I had no idea this was a competition, but now that I old bastards better watch out next year, since … » 4/22/14 8:09pm Yesterday 8:09pm

Welcome to Room for Seconds, a new food and cooking blog!

Room for Seconds is a group blog where the food lovers of the Kinjaverse can come together to share recipes, ask for advice, write restaurant reviews, and more. This is a space for everyone from professional chefs to the person who just now figured out how to get their stove to work. All are welcome, as long as you… » 4/22/14 6:53pm Yesterday 6:53pm