Lamb Congee (imagine a savory rice porridge and you're pretty much there)

Sorry I’ve been away a while, things are kinda nutty at Casa Butt Pocket these days. Also, I counted recently and I’ve posted about 30 recipes on here over the last few years and even while there are some I rarely, if ever, use anymore; that’s a pretty solid repertoire to play with and alter in subtle ways that don’t… »Today 7:08am11/25/15 7:08am

Clashtalk Poll: Sexual Harassment Edition

I had to attend a mandatory sexual harassment training today. After schooling us all in quid pro quo et al and making us wade through innumerable vignettes, the HR lady shows us this. Am I crazy or is there something a about that? Maybe not the best call? »Yesterday 6:11pm11/24/15 6:11pm

A Public Service Announcement

In the past, I’ve announced my drinkin’ after the fact, and the whole “You bastards can ask me anything, and I’ll tell you jutsts what I thinkk ofyou” angle has fallen a bit flat. Tonight, I’ll make an exception—I’ll pre-emptively announce it. I need to run a few errands, but I should be back by about 10:00 EST. After… »Friday 7:59pm11/20/15 7:59pm