ClashTunes: Breaking news from Australia

Australia's alternative radio station just voted their top 100 songs from the last year and it's pretty much what makes you distrust young people. But there are some good ones in there. I am mesmerised by this disco/slow funk song "Gold" and by the roller skating in the film clip. I can't stop watching and listening… » 1/26/15 10:20pm Yesterday 10:20pm

You'll Have to Pry My Textbook From My Cold Dead Hand

To borrow a very useful construction from Bill Maher, here's a new rule: if your job title includes (or can be reasonably interpreted as including) the phrase "self-appointed," your job is bullshit. Like, to pull an example completely out of thin air for no particular reason, "self-appointed textbook review committee." » 1/26/15 3:41pm Yesterday 3:41pm

Steak 'N Mashed Potatooooeeeees!

AKA Boxers Droppers. Again, sorry, no pics. I inhaled it too quick and oh fuck it I'm just gonna come out and say I feel like taking a picture of my food that I made and thinking "This'll look great on my blog" would make me worse than Hitler. You know what steak and mashed potatoes look like. Just imagine that. » 1/23/15 5:46am Friday 5:46am

ClashTunes: Hello, lurkers

Do you like theme music (movies/TV)? I do. Let's trade songs. If you don't comment here often, introduce yourself. As an added incentive for anyone feeling a bit hesitant about commenting, I promise to reply to everyone. Promise! I'll probably run out of interesting things to say early on so you'll be treated to facts… » 1/22/15 8:52pm Thursday 8:52pm