Pornhub Is Now Offering a $25K College Scholarship

To celebrate the launch of Pornhub Cares, the brand-new philanthropic branch of one of the world’s largest pornography websites, a $25,000 scholarship will be given to one very blessed college student. In the past, Pornhub’s goodwill efforts had only focused on cancer research and environmental charities. This would… »9/02/15 11:52pmYesterday 11:52pm

There's Now a Joe Paterno Beer, Because of Course There Is

Do you like football? Do you like beer? Do you like coaches who do jack shit the minimum required by law about kids getting raped in the locker room, then claim to have never heard of pederasty despite being Classics majors and lifelong devout Catholics? Well, let’s bring those things together with Duquesne Brewing’s … »8/31/15 6:12pmMonday 6:12pm

ClashTalk Lunch Poll: Who's/What's/Where's Underrated?

Everyone knows what I’m talking about: that person/thing/place that you find yourself going back to or being mesmerized by or being pulled toward but you can’t quite explain why (mine’s Charles Bronson, pictured; more on him later). Then you read that this person has never won an Oscar nor a Grammy, nobody likes this… »8/28/15 12:42pm8/28/15 12:42pm