Today in Disproportionately Hostile Commenting

I often browse The Kitchn for recipe ideas when I get stuck in a cooking rut. I found this recipe for kale salad a month or so ago, and decided to give it a shot. Making another batch of the salad for lunches this week, I happened to scroll down into the comments, whereupon I saw this gem: » 7/29/14 11:41am Today 11:41am

I had a mildly exciting Sunday, good thing nothing happened here!

I started my day with a high speed dune buggy crash. Then I joined a small group of people in poaching the pool at an apartment complex where the most COLLEGE!!! party ever was happening. There were boomboxes playing terrible country and hard lemonades, so it was basically like being in a time machine to my late… » 7/28/14 12:28pm Yesterday 12:28pm