I missed the roll call but hi everybody anyway

I've gotten sucked into a reading hole. I read The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri (soulful and good but depressing), Dead Wake by Erik Larson (somehow disappointed it didn't feel more excitingly like the nonfiction version of watching Titanic) and now I'm chowing down on Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,… » 3/26/15 9:32pm Thursday 9:32pm

When A Writer Searches Their Name

A little context: my future husband was sent to the greys on Gawker because he shit on a silly person that insulted men that wear shorts. Said future husband claimed he would be sucking dick to get back in the black and I said no fucking way would I ever suck that particular dick. And then I made the claim the writer… » 3/26/15 3:04pm Thursday 3:04pm

Foodtalk - Snackwave and normcore food

A post about the Swedish McD's releasing a clothing line was met with the usual disdain towards fast food brands trying to be 'cool'. Don't mistake this as another failed attempt though because a new trend is sweeping the internet and McD's is riding it. A commenter superduperneato found out from her 14 year old… » 3/26/15 1:11pm Thursday 1:11pm

Marvel at animations and possibly learn biology in the cross thread

Hello, friends, and welcome to this week's cross thread. Today, I present to you the video shown in every college biology class since it was made in 2006 by XVIVO for Harvard professors to show in their undergraduate classes: The Inner Life of the Cell. A longer, narrated version is presented here, but if you would… » 3/26/15 8:57am Thursday 8:57am

Does This Article Have Some Issues, Or Is It Just Me?

I never, ever, ever write about main page articles but this one is bugging me and I was wondering if anyone else had issues with it? The subject is incredibly serious (human slaves, trafficking) but the article's tone seems to be too light (all those exclamation points at the end of the sentences are...not what I… » 3/25/15 8:28pm Wednesday 8:28pm

"Am I the Only One Who Knows About...?"--Clashtalk Lunch Poll

I was just recommending to commenter/fellow film geek FourFingerWu a little underrated movie I'd recently come across, Home Before Dark. I'd not heard of it, or the lead actress, Jean Simmons (in the photo), but it turned out to be one the best midcentury American movies I've seen. And Simmons' performance is… » 3/25/15 12:19pm Wednesday 12:19pm