A "youtuber" (who I wont mention by name because her tween fans will probably kill us all if I say something bad about their idol) posted a video in which she talks about what happens when you die, referring to the book "The Five People You Meet in Heaven".

Everything is fine and unbiased.. until she reaches the part about how atheists view death (she starts talking about the book around 1:50):

I've never had a problem with this person, they seem nice enough on their other channel, though she does seem to have an "I'm smarterer than you, I use big words when I talk." attitude and sometimes it feels like she's talking at you instead of "with" you. She helps LGBT teens, she volunteers at food shelters, she's had to deal with a mentally ill mother and a hardcore religious father, she has great skin, all of these things made me respect her.


So when I heard her attack atheism like that, it kind of shocked me. It was an attack, right? I didn't expect the mood to change when she finally got around to the atheist view, but damn.

Now I'm not really sure if I like her anymore.