Is it actually week 3? I am confused by the whole “two-week long first week” thing. ANYway, first may we take a moment of silence to remember this epic houseguest:

What if he gets back into the house through the battle back, and then he will be even more messiah-like!

Looks like even Frank is a big Zaulie fan:

They are definitely cute, and I think it’s great for Zak’s game that she is semi-showmancing with Paulie (even though I would usually never endorse a showmance as being good for someone’s game). I have discovered another couple that I 100% am shipping, though.

I like Natalie a lot. I like James enough. I endorse this daydream.

Tonight we will find out who won Thursday’s HoH and who is nominated. The Roadkill competition and nomination has already taken place, but I think that will air on Wednesday? Who knows, other than Julie.


Let’s see if these ladies can keep the male bloodbath going! WOMEN’S ALLIANCE! WOMEN’S ALLIANCE!!!!