We need to talk about Frank.

I didn’t watch the feeds last night since I was trying to keep up with the news from Dallas (side note: isn’t it so weird to think about the HGs not knowing about news like this?), but Big Brother Network has a summary of last night’s feeds, and it’s pretty gross.

12:55 AM BBT – James lets Corey and Nicole know that Frank was floating Corey’s name as a renom option. Corey tells James that Frank mentioned wanting James and Da’Vonne out because they have kids and that would be hard to beat at the end.

1:05 AM BBT – Da’Vonne is in tears. Frank’s behavior is too much, she says. Day says he told her to “shut your mouth, woman.”

1:20 AM BBT – Bridgette promises Bronte and Natalie they’re safe this week, but warns Bronte that her name is being suggested to her.

1:28 AM BBT – (Off camera, but audible.) Frank smacked Da’Vonne’s bottom. She yells at him to stop hitting her. He thinks she’s joking. She’s not. Frank tries to go and apologizes, but it doesn’t take.

1:40 AM BBT – James is upset with Frank. He talks to Natalie in SR and says he’s ready to get in to it with Frank over the having-kids comment and messing with Da’Vonne.

1:50 AM BBT – Bridgette tells Frank that Tiffany told Bri she could be the glue that keeps the girls together.

2:00 AM BBT – Paulie asks Da’Vonne if it’s okay for him to talk to Frank about what happened with smacking her.

2:05 AM BBT – Paulie pulls Frank aside. Tells him he knows Frank thinks he’s joking, but it’s not okay what he’s been doing with the women. Frank says that’s how he grew up. Paulie says if it was his sister being treated that way he’d be angry. Frank says he’ll apologize to Da’Vonne.

2:52 AM BBT – James relays Frank’s comments about kids not being a ticket to Jury over to Da’Vonne.

(Emphasis mine).

It’s good that Frank said he would apologize to Da’vonne. Whether he actually does that, we’ll see. What I want to know is why Frank’s behavior has been allowed to go on like this? According to Nicole, he “play punches” her all the time, but he does it hard enough to bruise her, and she feels uncomfortable saying anything. What he did to Da’vonne last night was harassment and it was battery. Production needs to have a long, hard look at it’s policies on how to deal with unwanted physical contact from HGs.


Also, good on Paulie for not only confronting Frank, but also getting Da’vonne’s consent before doing so!

ETA: Thank you Ray Smuckles for providing video of what went down last night. If anyone wants to let CBS know what they think about Frank and production’s lack of action on this issue, you can do so here.

ETA2: Hamsterwatch has a much more detailed rundown of last night’s events (also with kind of disturbing pictures right at the front of Frank putting his hand almost all the way around Natalie’s neck, but Natalie is smiling in the picture so I would have to watch the flashback to see what the context is), and it is heartbreaking to read. Again, I haven’t watched this on the feeds myself so I can’t verify, but I am going to watch when I get home. I feel so bad for the women in the house, but especially Da’vonne :( The way she was talking about wanting to set a good example for her daughter, not wanting her daughter to think this is okay, it’s just so, so sad to read.