Or, more specifically, how awful it is, and its even more heinous corollary, Country Music Radio Stations.

I'm at a local public pool to focus on my own personal George Hamilton Tanning Classic (youngsters, google) and they have the horrible twangathon on again. Last time I was here, it was crowded and we had to take chairs directly underneath a speaker. If I heard one more word about that night's Brad. Paisley. Concert. sponsored by said radio station I would have taken a hatchet to the thing.

Luckily it's not so crowded today so I'm far away from any speakers. When came in I asked the attendant what station it was on, and when she broke the bad news that it was Red Neck Junction I asked who was in charge of the music and if there was any flexibility there. She claimed it was "locked in" but that it "changes periodically." Well, if my last visit was any indication, the only true thing she said was "locked in."

And I forgot my earbuds.