I don't like too much change at once, and right now there's a lot of turmoil which is silly in the grand scheme of things, but it is causing me to feel like I might barf.

A co-worker with whom I have worked for almost 19 years is retiring and tomorrow is her last day. On top of missing her (we got along well and worked well together), my life is about to get a lot more, shall we say, interesting at work, because she and were sort of counterparts, and with her gone, I will now be the "go-to" person for everything that she did, as well as my own work. And naturally our boss is freaking out. She was his right hand, basically, for 33 years, and he is having his own little crisis about her departure.


And then it gets more funner, because in a week and a half I will have foot surgery and be out for at least 2 weeks. Not only will that cause some havoc at work, but my life will be difficult for a good 6 weeks or so, as I will not be able to drive at all, and I'm sort of having anxiety about that, even though I think we have most of the bases covered in terms of transportation. Something could always go horribly wrong, right? I am mostly terrified that there will come a day when my daughter won't be able to get to school. Of course it goes without saying that the house will be a filthy mess and I'll be lucky to get our sheets washed once in a while.

Meanwhile, said daughter, WaterWish Jr, turns Sweet 16 this weekend. Anyone who's a parent probably can guess that that's a bit of a freak-out. Her departure from our household is becoming more and more imminent with only a couple of years left before she is out on her own.

These are all first-world problems, and I am grateful for all the things I do have, like a job, health insurance, a daughter, etc. But that doesn't stop my mind and neuroses from working overtime and feeling a lot of anxiety over all these changes that I do not feel ready for. On top of it, we have the worst winter in recent memory, snow every other day, a driveway that will become impassable while I am recovering from my surgery, and the list of things to panic about grows ever longer... I'm not a big drinker, but I have been drinking more on a regular basis this winter than ever.