I have a friend whose mother is the kind of person who would describe herself as her children's best friend. You know the type—calls just to chit chat and overshares about her relationship, etc. Anyway, friend and I were working together one time when she received a text from said mother saying: "Grandma has had a fall. In hospital now. LOL, mum [tr. "mom"]." It turned out that she thought LOL stood for "lots of love" and had sent that text to her immediate and extended family.

Angus & Julia Stone's new album is out and it has some really good tracks. I can't find any of the ones I like online, so have this mellow nu-folk filler from them instead.

I saw the film Lucy tonight with aforementioned friend. I disagree with Richard Lawson. That film is fucking terrible. I like Luc Besson, but this was Jaws 4 bad. "That's definitely not how cognition works," I said as Morgan Freeman explained some nonsense about turning time inside out with the power of your neural pathways. "This is not how science works," my friend, a biologist by training, insisted in an agitated manner. Other things that do not work the way that film suggests they do: seizures, gravity, eyeliner, and screenwriting, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

I'm going to have a shower and go to sleep, but let me know what you're listening to. It'll be the soundtrack for my Friday. Hope you're well, CLT. It was a busy week.