I just found out what I'm having for dinner tonight.

Remember my friend from this post*? Well, she invited me to dinner tonight at her apartment for what I thought were burgers. I said ok, I don't know why. I just went back and read my email.

It's not burgers, guys. I't QUINOA BURGERS. I don't mind meatless burgers. In certain situations I even prefer vegetarian burgers. Gimme a good black bean burger and I am fucking set. But quinoa burgers? No. Quinoa is my most hated grain. I am sitting here weeping for all of the tasty foods I could be eating tonight instead of this.


*P.S. I finished watching Fringe not long after writing that post and watching that series was one of the best decisions I ever made. Go watch it. It will cure your sadness over quinoa burgers.