Many of us ended up reading this book at the behest of one brotherparish. I have thoughts and so do other people — let's think together!

Formally informal CLT Bookclub: The Cook

What did you guys think of it?

My thoughts? I loved this book right up until the end. I expected there to be something much more insidious going on than his wanting to live on the Prominence and become grotesquely obese (I'm not fat shaming but...gross). I know that there was much more to it than that, but I regretted that it turned from a thriller into...I'm not sure what.

Things I wanted to know but were left out:

(1) what happened to the son? What was the point of his existence? To continue the family line into bankruptcy?

(2) how did Conrad know about the prominence and the family in the first place? I expected the big reveal to be that he was a descendent or something. Reducing the rich to servants is brilliant, but why the Hills?

(3) Did the mill stop working? Do you think it's fun to work in a mill?

(4) where can I get his cookbooks?

Anyway, that's not a very insightful dissection about the most memorable scenes or its social commentary, but it's a start.

I will probably repost this Sunday night if people want to keep it going. We can all eat delicious spaghetti for dinner to fit the theme.

For the record, I have already sent BP the bill for my copy, I recommend you all do the same. Or keep it and let it appreciate — in a few years it may be worth millions.