It has been a tough winter here in Chicago, one for the record books in terms of both cold and snow.

One of the more will-sapping effects of our winter is it is getting difficult to park on the streets. The snow has piled up, the plows aren't doing the side streets. In our fair city, there is a tradition known as "dibs", where if you shovel out the space, and mark it with lawn chairs or other garage junk, it shall be there until you get back.

We don't participate in this. I am able bodied, can shovel, and have noticed people mark off much bigger spaces than they need. If we all shoveled out and parked, this would not be an issue. The much bigger problem are the two abandoned cars on our block, but I will take care of that in spring

With this backdrop, this made the rounds on the internets this week:…

I know this block - large homes costing 600k to 900k. People wave to you as you walk your kid home from school. In theory, most of the homes on this block have large new garages by the alley, so parking should not be a problem here.

Amazing how a little snow turns people nasty.