Hate: Former Fat Girls Edition

Inspired by Mrs Gideon, I have my own Hate. A hate for Kelly Osbourne specifically, and all Former Fat Girls in general. A Former Fat Girl isn't a female human who has successfully lost any amount of weight and feels satisfied with it. She is the goddamned worst.

Former Fat Girl is a woman who, when fat, felt her weight was the only thing standing between herself and happiness. When thin, she feels that her weight is the only thing that is making her a human being worth affection and attention. She actively shames women who are fat, despite once being in their place, and knowing how hurtful it can be. Kelly Osbourne is a Former Fat Girl. I have watched that stupid show she participates in, Fashion Police, and the only thing that irritated me more than Joan Rivers and her "what a whore, loose pussy, slut face" jokes, was Kelly commenting on female celebrities and their weight.

Fuck you, Kelly Osbourne. You were fat once, you know how those remarks sting. Former Fat Girls and their feeling that every joke and comment at another woman's expense takes them just a bit farther away from the self they felt was lesser. If I were feeling kind I'd give them that their insecurity plays into this, but I'm not. Your insecurities don't give you the right to make other people feel like shit.