"...you know, that person you look absolutely nothing like?" So the other day I went into a coffee shop and the very friendly person behind the counter said, "Has anyone ever told you you look like John Belushi?" When I replied no (leaving off the reason—namely, because I'm virtually certain I look nothing like John Belushi), they said, "Well, not your whole face...maybe just from the top of the nose up." Apparently I have a Belushi-like forehead.

That got me to thinking. I don't get a lot of "Hey, has anyone ever told you..." questions (mainly because "really, really late Orson Welles" seems cruel), but of the ones I've gotten, I can't figure out, because a) I look nothing like the person in question; and b) the people in question look nothing alike. For example, John Belushi. Or, "You know, that guy who was on Dead Poets Society, and then House?" (For the record, Robert Sean Leonard, which I don't understand because a) more than one person has asked; and b) he is way more handsome than me...the only thing I can think of that's even remotely comparable is the fact that he also has very prominent eyebrows.) Or Hoss from Bonanza. (That was even more bizarre, as it immediately preceded a request for change. Because when you want someone to give you money, compare them to a heavyset and long-dead TV cowboy.)

I'm not going to ask who people compare you to—but if you want to mention them, go ahead—but am I the only one who has never, not even once, thought, "Hey, I do look like that person"? Or do people make comparisons to you that actually, you know, look like you?


For the record, here are my (apparent) doppelgangers. Just look at how similar they are!