When a Goodreads reviewer/book blogger wrote a critical review of Kathleen Hale's book No One Else Can Have You, Kathleen Hale lost her fucking mind. She stalked the woman online and offline, called her at work, went to her home, paid for background checks to get information. Then, she wrote an article about it like it ain't no motherfucking crazypants thang.

Oh, but it gets better (by which I mean goddamn crazier). It turns out this isn't the only time Hale has stalked someone and written about it. When she was fourteen, she stalked and assaulted one of her peers, which led to her arrest. The victim of her stalking was a girl who had accused Hale's mother of molesting her. Hale goes so far as to describe the arousal she felt while reading the victim's police report about her molestation.

Enjoy exploring this heaping pile of crazy.