We went. We saw. We...met? Conquered would be the wrong word. See here.

On Wednesday night (anyone in NYC is welcome to join - Miz Jenkins I'm looking at you). There is a slim to possible chance* that if they take questions and have been appropriately enraging one of us (me) will get up and say something, gently lilting our voice up at the end of the sentence to imply that our statement of condemnation is, in fact, a question. There is a 100% chance that the entire experience will be live tweeted/posted

So Pistach and I are going to the Commenter Talk

For questions, I am vacillating between

(1) Isn't it hypocritical to say that commenters write things that they wouldn't to your face when you do the same thing in your articles/tweets? For example, MoGlo's Paul Walker tweet or Dodai's rant about Kate Bosworth.

(2) I understand that it's hard to deal with a lot of the vitriol, but what do you say to the perception that you reject valid critiques and refuse to admit any error or acknowledge constructive criticism?

ETA: for the record, to anyone visiting, I do say nice thing about the Jez staff as well

*I'm pretty non-confrontational so this will probably only happen if they directly attack someone I internet know or snark about science.

**There is literally no chance that I will identify myself as sugarhill