I find that binge-watching a series rather suits me. One reason that I have not previously watched a lot of episodic TV was that it was drearily doled out on a weekly basis and I could never be bothered to watch things on a schedule. That all changed when I was able to watch True Detective in one all-night sitting. Then I moved on to watching Breaking Bad in its entirety over a few weeks.

I similarly watched the first four seasons on Boardwalk Empire in a few gulps and then was tortured by the weekly drips of season 5. I consumed season one of The Blacklist and now I'm waiting for season two to end so I can absorb it as I please with no commercials or screen-crawls.


I'm now out of things to watch and I am looking for suggestions. I don't really want to start anything else that hasn't ended its run because I don't want to end up in that weekly cycle that I loathe so much.

I'm looking for something that is compelling drama and is sharply paced. Breaking Bad was often on the cusp of being unwatchable for me due to its plodding nature. Just as importantly it has to have a defined ending - not something that was just canceled after a few seasons with everything left hanging.

Help me commentariat, you're my only hope.