An unpaid gig, but one that at least gets me out of the house and will pad my resume.

It was so random. I put out a request for a recommendation for a natural hair stylist on Facebook, and early this morning my state house legislative district representative sent me a name (we used to kinda sorta work together before she became a state rep). I private messaged her that I was still unemployed and willing to volunteer for anything she needed. I was thinking just busy work— stapling, stuffing envelopes, answering phones. We met later in the day and got to talking about her needs and my interests (I'm a political junkie, and I've always wanted to work on policy stuff but have never had the opportunity), and by the end of our conversation, I was her Legislative Fellow!! SOUNDS FANCY, RIGHT??? I'll be helping her research bills and do some writing.

Woot! Something to do other than have my fat fuse to my couch!