I dreamed that Dunkin Donuts was bought by some evil corporate overseer who decided to scale everything back to almost zero. I strolled into my usually bustling downtown location on a weekday morning, and 80% of the employees were gone. It was dead as a doornail. Even most of the fixtures seemed to have been removed, fire-sale fashion. I went up to the counter and asked the dear manager, Lavelle, for my usual order, large decaf with skim only. And he said, "I'm sorry, but..." and I said, "Wait a minute! You mean you no longer have skim milk!?" And Lavelle looked at me sadly and said, "You can try there," directing me to a homemade little stand (still in the DD store) right behind me. It reminded me a little of Lucy's "psychiatrist" stand from the comic strip Peanuts, except it was decorated with a flowered print and had a sign that said something like, "This person can help you." And of course, there was no person there. Lavelle's intention was clearly to point out to me that this situation was entirely hopeless. The few remaining employees had cobbled together this makeshift help desk, but there was no hope of there ever being any skim milk, or complete fixtures, or full employment, or anything else, which was evidenced by the empty help desk. I'm still trying to figure out the subtext. Meanwhile, I need some coffee. With skim.