Otherwise known as Social Butterfly strikes again.

In the past four months I have heard from Social Butterfly through email five times. They're always out of the blue emails. She never acknowledges me in person, even though we live 4 houses down from each other.

Email 1: The Sunday before Thanksgiving I get an email. I had been out of town that weekend, so didn't get it until that Sunday evening. It was an email asking me to babysit her 5 year old son on nights she and her husband went out - because they have an "active social life". And she knew that I could "use a break" (a break from what was never specified). She went on to say that they pay their babysitters "very competitively", and as a bonus would sit around and drink with their babysitters afterward (I can't drink. She *knows* this).


Now, as I didn't see this email until evening I didn't respond immediately (I take responsibility for this, if it was an error). I thought it over how to best respond that 1)I'm not a 12 year old looking for spending money; and 2)I hate other peoples' kids that aren't directly related to me. Which brings us to...

Email 2: Monday morning I get an email about babysitting. The whole of it read "Don't bother replying to my previous email. I can gather that you aren't interested by your lack of a reply."

She's a mind reader that one.

Email 3: Generic Christmas letter detailing how much weight she has lost. (She is the one who wanted to start up a neighborhood weight loss club and got mad when no-one else joined because it involved sending in pictures and your weight to her HUSBAND.) She then proceeded to parade up and down the street in see-through spandex pants.


Email 4: Couple weeks ago get a two sentence letter telling me her kid got injured. I actually do reply back to this, and ask questions. No acknowledgment.

Email 5: Arrived last night. It needs a little backstory. There are three people total living in my house, so there are three cars. My driveway is a little short and can comfortably fit two cars side by side (like a regular driveway) with the third car parked tandem. Third car hangs a smidge over the sidewalk - it's not completely blocking the sidewalk, it's not in the street, and walking by you don't have to walk in the street to get by. It's just not a straight line when walking by, it's a little jag. We knew this *might* be a problem so we asked the HOA before we moved in if it would be a problem. "Oh No! Not at all! Just don't completely block the sidewalk and you're good to go!" We still felt guilty about the car situation so every couple months we bring it up with Head of HOA and get told the same thing - "You're good! Don't worry about it."

So last night comes an email saying that the car needs to be moved because it's blocking the sidewalk (it's not) and she's worried about the neighborhood kids having to go into the street to get around my car (they don't have to) and that she's going to take it up with the HOA if I don't move my car or dosomethingwith it. And before I moved in, that's how it was (no cars over the sidewalk). (Meaning that Previous Owner *never* parked near the sidewalk, probably because she only had one car. And was awesome.)

I know that Social Butterfly is....obnoxious enough to make a stink over this.

What's funny/creepy is that yesterday I was talking about selling my car because I don't drive it much and it *is* taking up space. But now that I know it's pissing off Social Butterfly, I'm hanging onto it that much longer. And every day I might back it up a little bit more over the sidewalk.

Anyway today Head of HOA comes knocking on my door. She's all apologetic, but it turns out Social Butterfly has made a formal, written complaint against me/my household. So this means that we have to get the HOA lawyer involved. Even though Head of HOA told Social Butterfly that we were ok - she still wants to make a complaint.