This isn't just "Hey, where are my hilarious comments?" I see nothing. I've gotten a few notifications, and I can see the first part of the replies (which I can only assume end with "...and that's why I love you as a commenter, and would gladly have relations with you if the opportunity arose"), when I click, nothing. Just the story itself, and no comments. Not mine, not anyone else's. The same thing happens when I click on a story here or on the various GM main pages.

How am I supposed to keep up with the conversation if I can't read everyone's hot takes? How can I thank all of the people who I assume are filling the comment sections with praise for me and expressions of desire that I would come in and say something amusing to brighten their dreary lives?

This isn't just about me, of courseā€”think of all the people who are suffering because of the lack of me. Think about them, you heartless bastards!