Jesus Christ, you guys. I remember seeing something about a commenter insulting Jia hilariously on Friday I think, but didn’t look into what it was about. I’ve been busy with work and school and basically hadn’t checked in at all until today. And now there’s SO GODDAMN MUCH that I’m trying to get caught up on. Is Gawker about to be sued into oblivion? Will we need to find a new home?

I did my best to catch up but there’s just too much (that wonkette post bp posted was a pretty good summary though). So I’m sure this has been mentioned elsewhere, but did everyone read Adam Weinstein’s take? It was good. I didn’t know he had left, and it makes me a little sad, particularly given that it seems like he was pushed out for doing too much serious news stuff that didn’t get enough clicks.

And just to throw in a completely unrelated and irrelevant question, when did the Kinja interface change? All the stars and menus are like inverted or something and it’s strange. Did they find time during all this mess to screw with the look of Kinja?