Does your name—the one on your licence or parole conditions—suit you? Does it match who you are? If not, what do you use? Middle name? Nickname? Or, do you have an alternative identity that you use?

Since I've started a new job, I've been introducing myself to people and I've realised how little I match my name. Without doxxing myself, my name implies that I'm a bit girly and/or precious, which I'm not (ICN can verify that I do not look much like that, either). Not a day goes by that I don't refer to one of my relatives or close friends as a motherfucker.

My name can't really be shortened without sounding like an insult, so I'm kind of stuck with what I have. The name I always wanted is Cate. Or maybe Anna. They are both short and have the kind of hard sound that I like. If you could choose your name now as an adult, what would you have?