Post now deleted. Please enjoy this conversation I had with my mother.

Jenn44416: No, I swear, this business would totally work out.
Mom44416: It sounds ridiculous and dangerous.
Jenn: I could really go for a beer right now.
Mom: So you're done talking business?
Jenn: Yea, I've moved on.
Mom: I thought you were explaining your business plan to me.
Jenn: I've moved on.
Mom: To beer? It isn't even noon.
Jenn: It's noon somewhere.
Mom: Yea, I could throw back a few glasses of wine.
Jenn: Wine is healthy for you. So is beer. I'm totally sure of it.
Mom: Are you back on that health kick?
Jenn: I have decided I am embracing a healthy and productive lifestyle.
Mom: So are you going to end up abandoning healthy or productive?
Jenn: Only time will tell.
Mom: I need wine.
Jenn: I am glad you are choosing to embrace health with me.