Even when I get excited about something I don't post updates in the double digits about it. OH BOY I JUST PREPPED A STEAK. WOO THE FAT IS RENDERING #thisgonnabetasty. OH MAN I JUST SET OFF THE SMOKE ALARM #lol. YEAH THAT SEASONING IS CRUSTED OH YEAH. But to each their own. I didn't bitch anyone out, because I know people get excited about shit like this, especially when I know so many people in Seattle and Denver. I could just give two fucking shits about which team of millionaires successfully transported a handegg to one end of the field past a phalanx of angry, punch drunk, heavyset men.

Also, I pointed out to someone who bitched about people saying they don't like football that he's quite quick to moan about the content of other peoples' Facebooks and he threatened (haha) to UNFRIEND me, as if my world would be all the worse for his constant baseball updates when his team plays. Apparently I saved myself (again, haha) because I made a self deprecating comment about my love for MMA aka gay wrasslin'.

Facebook is one of my favorite time wasters but, gawd, people do get sensitive about it.