Because apparently I picked up an extra 5 lbs over the summer. I know that doesn't sound like a lot but I'm really small framed so even just a few extra shows on me.

Now, I diet very unhealthily (translated: I eat lunch and reserve the remainder of my discretionary calories for alcohol.) I also have a dog and subscribe to BarkBox which is this kinda cool service where they send you a random assortment of shit once a month for your spoiled, first world pooch. I have no intention of ever having children so don't judge.


Anyway..... The treats they send out are all organic and probably fair trade; any beef/chicken/pork is likely free range too. And, well, I'm starving. And I just unsealed one of the pouches to give the pup a treat and it smelled like the first barbecue of springtime. And you know what? I fucking ate one — I just ate a damned dog treat. And you know what else, it wasn't bad and I'm not ashamed.

Speaking of organic fair trade first world shit, I know I've been off Gawker main for a little while, and with no disrespect to the commenter who may be perfectly lovely, is this the type of comment that gets "teh hitz" during the night shift these days? It just seemed rather unnecessarily aggressive. Or maybe that's just my cranky stomach talking...