Earlier today, I referenced my arrival on these banter filled shores. I wasn't sure how many months had passed since clashtalk had become a regular part of life as sugarhill, so I tracked down this post and it turned out that auspicious day was March 5th. It's an anniversary! What are the odds that I would investigate that 3 months to the day of my coming here? Slim enough that I thought I should post about it!


Stumbling in on this community late in the game has left me with a dearth of fun facts about it and by now it's awkward to ask. Luckily I got 3 hours of sleep last night and have lost all boundaries.

So do me a solid and share one fun fact about yourself. Gender? Age? Location/Region? General professional area? A weird skill you possess? You could always Raffey me.

Alternatively, as Mrs. G suggests, it would be a good place to catch me up on more Clashtalk lore. This would be helpful because I kvetch about it reguarly. Quantum filled me in on the back story, but I'd like all the drama between then and now.

I'll start: I'm from New York City.

You guys are swell, really and truly. I genuinely adore those of you I don't dislike. When I made a comment early on to brotherparish about sending him to a conversion therapy camp and, instead of punching me in the internet face, he asked to work in the infirmary, I knew I'd like it here. It's a good thing I'm never wrong.

Stay tuned, my next post will be about science fiction in the Victorian age.