But I had to share this comment because I wish I was as eloquent as this person. They basically encapsulate exactly why this whole experience bothered me so much and why I became weirdly committed to my vendetta of documentation

I have been reading Jezebel and its sub-blogs for the past several months, and, although I opened a Kinja account a while ago, this is the first time I am actually writing a comment. I have been waiting for a post in which my perspective could add something meaningful to the discussion, and I have found it in this post and the hundreds of critical comments in reaction to it.

Just this time last year, I would have seen nothing wrong with the tone or content of your original post, and I would have found the accusations of racism and classicism to be just as offensive as you seem to think they are. However, in the past year, reading the posts and comments on the Jezebel blogs has opened my eyes to so many perspectives I had never encountered and arguments with which I had never been confronted. The most educational, eye-opening reads had have been ones in which commenters have "attacked" a post for expressing a viewpoint or argument that I found to be totally inoffensive—posts just like this one. I think I have learned far more from the comments in reaction to certain posts than I have learned from any of the posts themselves.

Around this time yesterday, I was reading dozens of thoughtful, informative, and well written comments on this article. Today, they are nowhere to be found. Although I accept your explanation that this was an unfortunate and unintended side effect of your efforts to delete the insulting or vulgar comments, I am extremely disappointed that those comments are no longer associated with this article, and I am even more disappointed that you seem to have no intent to address the substance of any of the constructive and respectful criticism you received. By refusing to do so, you have deprived people like me of the chance to learn from your mistakes.

Now that nearly all criticism associated with your post has vanished, a reader who stumbles upon your article will see only comments agreeing with you and confirming that any accusations of racism and classicism are ludicrous and unwarranted. If that reader happens to see nothing wrong with your post, she will be deprived of a valuable opportunity to be confronted with opposing viewpoints and, as a result, educate herself about feminism, classicism, and racism – topics that would be important to anyone interested in international travel. I would really like to see you address the arguments made in the posts you accidentally deleted, not only because I am curious to see your reaction to them, but also so that you at least acknowledge that they were made.

If every Kinja user's reaction to constructive criticism were to delete it and ignore it completely, while only addressing the more offensive or threatening comments they received, Kinja readers like me would still be under the impression that there is absolutely nothing wrong with posts like these. And that would be a real shame.

*swear might be excessive. Strongly promise.