I've missed the whole Marc Maron comedy thing so far, but his name suddenly seems to be everywhere and HuffPo tells me he is "finally having his moment."

So I was reading his endpaper in the NYT Magazine on his (mis)adventures buying and breaking in new Levi's shrink to fits. "Levi’s was making real jeans again," he said, and he was gonna get his and do them right. Amusing. I can relate, some. Until he wrote:


"As I was lying in the tub with my new gray Levi’s shrink-to-fit pants on, my natural feelings of desperation and stupidity were mixed with another emotion: Hope. "

Whaaa? Gray Levi's? Dear Mr. Maron, The "real" Levi's you were looking for come in one color: Blue. OK, maybe black. But gray?
The moment has passed.