Specifically, a big whopping plothole.

I just finished the games. (Better late than never, is my motto.) And yes, amazeballs! And I've been reading up on the easter eggs and various theories and whatnot. The biggest one is that Chell is the spawn of Cave Johnson and Caroline. That's a fun one, because I totally get the former - a lot of signs point to it, but Caroline is a bit of a stretch imo. (Also a little creepy, considering how Caroline is always, "Yes, Mr. Johnson. Sure, Mr. Johnson.") But if you view the painting of Cave and Caroline, Chell is the spitting image of her. I'm not sure that particular painting is in the game though, I found it on a game site.

Anyway, that's fun and all but here's my problem: At the Take Your Daughter To Work Day row of science experiments, Chell's name is on the one with the potato that outgrew the rest. That was the same day that Glados released the neurotoxin. Obviously, Chell was not in her 20's when doing a science fair. We also know she's not immune. So, someone saved her (Dad?) but when she was at a young age. And she doesn't age in suspension. So...either she was saved and then released, aged at least 10 years, and then came back to start Portal 1, or they never should've put Chell's name on that potato battery exhibit. Right?

Pic is Steampunk Portal, because why not?