Whenever anyone asked me why I became an academic, I would say something about understanding the human condition or representing marginalised groups. But now I have realised the truth: I am terrified of an honest day's work.

Love what you do

Seriously, how do people do this? It's awful. And the job I have is pretty much the lowest possible set of demands possible. The people are extremely nice and the work is quite meaningful. I've even swung it so that I work from home three days a week (I'm auditing a bunch of their stuff so it's for the best that I don't get too enmeshed). Yet, I am bored out of my fucking skull. Both because I don't get to choose what I do and because I have to do little, silly tasks all the time. I'm used to multi-year research projects where you're accountable maybe once every 12 months. Maybe.

Is this out of the ordinary? I assume most people have jobs like this. How do you stay focused? I spend most of a day last week on freerice.com. That can't be normal. Tell me how to do normal.