FML Big Brother has gone insane overnight...... y’all do not let that’s sweet exterior fool you Natalie is not playing with these people..... she just flipped the entire house and now it looks like Z is going out.

People started comparing notes on Paulie and Nicorey and the notes did not add up. Paul has flipped it looks like and James is really considering flipping. Natalie told a couple over exaggerated stories about Paulie hitting on her...(which eye roll whatever) but then Paul told all the stuff that Paulie has been saying about Natalie to her and she got pissed. So now Mich, Paul, Natalie, Bridget and possibly James are teaming up.


Normally I’d be all for this because you know I can’t stand Puzzles Cakeface but they’re planning to expose Paulie to Z and they’re trying to make it seem like they’re doing it for her own good but really it’s leaving a bad taste in my mouth you’re already sending her out so she’s already going to be devastated why would you add to that devastation. I don’t know I feel bad for Z but I want to root for a power flip.

You know this season could have gone very differently if Puzzles hadn’t been so determined to not be labeled in a showmance and actually teamed up with and trusted his girl. This whole thing is a shitshow and I’m just shaking my head.