"And yet quite a lot of readers respond to your personal observations with wounded outrage when they fail to reflect their own experience, as if you were proposing your idle speculation as totalitarian law. That rhetorical pose of weary expertise has metastasized to the Internet, epitomized by the opener: 'So let me get this straight.' It seems telling that this smug, knowing tone has become so endemic at the same time that the amount of information available is so numbing, and actual expertise so rarefied, that almost nobody knows enough about anything anymore to have the right to any opinion at all." [NYT]

My creative writing teacher told me, "Your metier is pushiness." Ha! Right? So true. But you never met my grandmother. You haven't seen stern-faced commandments until you've met a little old German lady (German-American if you want to be picky about it) confronting her granddaughter with a glass full of room temperature 2% milk. Don't you know that there are starving children in Africa?! The baby jesus is crying right now and you, little girl, are to blame. I am but a seedling of overbearing pronouncements compared to the matriarchy from which I hale.

I'm pretty sure that she didn't mean that as a compliment, though.

[ETA] I just read the above paragraph in the voice of Sheldon Cooper, and now I want to stab myself in the ear.