They had allowed some doubt about that to creep into our minds the past two outings. Yesterday erased it all. The Raiders are going 0-16.

We know this because things couldn't have been going much better into the second half, and then they just shit the bed as soon as we could smell a win. This loss was more on the offense. Aside from dropping about three potential interceptions, the defense, particularly Khalil Mack and Sio Moore, did their jobs well enough.

The offense was bottled up by a secondary far more athletic than our WR group, and our own coaching incompetence. They actually began to establish a decent running game with McFadden in the first half. And then they inexplicably began giving the ball to Maurice Jones-Drew instead. Maurice Jones-Drew is done. He is washed up. He is the RB version of Matt Schaub, who himself came on to throw an interception on a fake FG attempt. A couple things I've read since have questioned him mentally. People are seriously asserting that a human being in full control of their faculties couldn't possibly be as bad a QB as Matt Schaub has been since he came to the team. Via trade. To earn $8 million this season.


They still get to play the Rams. They could sneak one past the Chiefs. And there is always the dream of the not-at-all redundantly named Pearl Harbor Day Surprise Massacre. But they are probably going to lose every game this year. Most fans I've spoken to consider it a small price to pay to ensure that Reggie McKenzie never makes another decision for this franchise, and that was before the coaches gave up on Menelik Watson yesterday.