Our esteemed Ms Gideon of the CLT Gideons has, it seems, been living a wildly unfulfilling life thus far. She has never had...God, it's hard for me to even type this sentence. She's never had an ice cream sandwich. I know. I KNOW. It's time. I know what you're having for dessert.

No, Seriously, Everybody Calm Down. Especially You, Gideon

The premise is simple. Baked good - ice cream - baked good. Pretty straightforward. And yet. Something so basic can have such a such an impact on your life. I'm actually really excited for you right now. For your child. For Australia.


I am placing some recipes below but everyone feel free to include your own in the comments.

Technically, you can take any two cookies, slap some homemade or store bought ice cream between them and consume (here's a good technique). Mazel tov, you've just had an ice cream sandwich. Rocket science this is not. But life can be so much more than that. Let's get specific.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Any homemade chocolate chip cookie will do here. I am partial to this recipe (extra credit if you make it the day before and leave it in the fridge overnight). Americans might consider Pillsbury cookie dough.

No, Seriously, Everybody Calm Down. Especially You, Gideon

(1) Bake the cookies. Some people will tell you that you should use room temperature cookies for the sandwich, and there's an argument to be made for that. Those people are stupid. The best way to do this is to use warm, out of the oven cookies. It is messy but, if there was a God, that's the moment he would stop by to chat. Note: the warm cookie sandwich is not advised for children unless you have a garden hose.

(2) Take one cookie.

(3) Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it

(4) Place the other cookie on top of it (this is the sandwich part).

(5) - Optional: Some people like to the roll the sides of the sandwich in a topping - sprinkles, chocolate chips, M&Ms. I'm a purist so I don't do this, but you can feel free to experiment.

(6) Take a moment to appreciate the moment.

(7) Consume.

The Fill-In-The-Blank Cookie Fill-In-The-Blank Ice Cream Sandwich

OK, now you've got the premise down. Great. Here's where things get exciting! You can use any kind of cookie. Sometimes I like to do one side chocolate chip, one side sugar cookie. You can use a dulce de leche cookie. A double chocolate cookie. You can even use a brownie.

You can use any kind of ice cream. Traditionally people use vanilla, but who cares about tradition? Not you! Anything goes (although, pro tip, don't use something with a lot of mix ins because it gets to be too much)

The Old School Good Humor Ice Cream Sandwich

In America, we have ice cream trucks. If you buy an ice cream sandwich from an ice cream truck, you generally get a very specific type* - two pieces of this flimsy chocolatey wafer cake thing with ice cream in the middle. It is guaranteed to get all over your fingers and guaranteed to be delicious. I have never tried this recipe, but I felt remiss in not giving you something that at least approximates the traditional American sandwich.

No, Seriously, Everybody Calm Down. Especially You, Gideon

*Don't talk to me about Chipwiches.