Hey everybody, an old school chum of mine, Nikki Lee, has run in to a bad situation—long story short—cervical cancer, foreclosure, single mom (2 daughters of her own and a homeless boy she took in back in 2011). Even worse, tumors got in behind her left eye and messed her vision all up, was a rough situation just a month ago, had some pretty intense looking surgery.

I did, see an FB post a few minutes ago and her eye is doing better, wearing an eyepatch with a black tank top and black bandana (yes, I am resisting all urges to make pirate or Left Eye Lopez jokes on her page), but shes gonna try to make a go of it, being a physical trainer and all.

There's a gofundme set up to help alleviate the finacial woes. She's a great gal and is a positive force in the universe. If y0u can help please do!

Thanks gals and guys, here's that link— http://www.gofundme.com/1teamempowered