How is it that I can read, go see movies, cook, do other stuff, and still find 27 hours a day to read about a conference that I didn't even know about until after it became a certified trainwreck?

It's been mentioned here before, it still seems sketchy as all get out, but at least two things have come out of it. First, an enjoyable set of Photoshops involving the now-infamous ball pit. Second, someone else on Tumblr asked, if the people running the aforementioned sketchy conference can raise $17,000 cash in an hour, why not try to match that for a legitimate cause—in this case, a charity for homeless LGBT youth? I've been watching that one for a bit, and despite having way more than an hour and being way less sketchy than a group of people walking around collecting cash in bags (the person who started it is even running the campaign directly through the charity, rather than going the usual "Give me money and I promise it will go to a good cause" route), they're lagging considerably behind.


Oh, well. At least there are Photoshops. I've put a few of my favorites in the replies.