I have been watching the Whirled Cup all day, or like since 6 when Italy and England played. Who won that game anyway? I flipped channels to watch Cellblock 6 FEMALE LOCKUP for a minute, then I saw the ladies in the jail being handed out peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches so I went to go make one. Then I came back and flipped channels again, I missed the ending of the game.

Then orange played blue and I don't know who won. Is it still going? I forgot what channel the game is on. Do sports get played on real grass or is it carpet that looks like grass? You know how on the side there is advertising? One of those signs says "adidas" I have never owned anything from that brand.

I don't know what I am watching on the E! channel, but it is bad and I can't find the remote.

This has been Sportsballs Reporting.