Good job. Good effort. I was looking forward to the Fresh Air tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman, in which they replayed substantial parts from his two visits to the show (both pretty good interviews, although the end of the last one, in which he talks about having gone through rehab and being untempted by seeing people drinking one or two glasses of wine because it was boring to him unless it was a matter of drinking the whole bottle, was tough to listen to).

Like all NPR podcasts, they begin by acknowledging the sponsor of that broadcast. In this case, the latest album from Lorde. Which meant that the announcer began the podcast by saying, and I quote, "This podcast is brought to you by Pure Heroine."

Look, I get that the stories and lead-in ads are produced separately, but I since they use different companies, surely they have some leeway to say, "Maybe we should go with the ad from Squarespace this time."