Submitted for the group's judgment:

A good friend invited my wife and I to the graduation of a course that she recently completed. Being good friends and all, we attended. As it turns out, instead of a "graduation" from a "course" it was more along the lines of a timeshare-style hard sell presentation for a new age self improvement seminar that teaches people to be better, happier, more self-actualized, versions of themselves for only $825 and a weekend in a suburban hotel conference room. Now I have no problem with people seeking answers to the questions that keep them awake at night, and if they do this through religion, or cult-like seminars, or 1-900-PSYCHIC HOTLINE, I really don't care either way; more power to them and to each their own and live and let live and all that. However, I do mind being herded into a room to be a captive audience for some wide-eyed huckster, under false pretenses. Had I known what the whole thing was about, I would have politely declined. So, was that okay?