We can all breathe again. Having come perilously close to sanity, the Catholic Church's Synod on Not Being Dicks All the Time has stepped back from the brink.:

A draft issued half-way through the meeting of senior clerics had called for greater openness towards homosexuals, and divorced and remarried Catholics.

But those paragraphs were not approved, and stripped from final the report.

You'll recall that the controversial language didn't approve of homosexuality so much as it said, "Hey, maybe the gays aren't as terrible as all that." But, nope, we still are. Thanks, Church!


On another note, a common refrain from Catholics who oppose the Church's teaching on these and other matters is, "Look, the Church is bigger than the hierarchy, so don't lump me in with them." I have serious reservations about that logic (a cheap #NotAllCatholics joke aside, it does feel like a bit of a cheat to say, "Ignore the priests at the church I attend or the Pope [especially during the past few papacies] who runs the whole thing—I represent the faith as much as they do"), but I do wonder how close we are to hearing Francis start saying that about his own cardinals.