I Google things a lot, probably most of you do as well. Thankfully Google seems to have curbed its former problem with results for say, "George Washington" returning multiple sites trying to sell you a "George Washington."

Unfortunately that blight seems to have been replaced with one that's even more insidious. Practically every single topic I look for on Google seems to return some random nimrod on YouTube who has created an interminably bad 5 minute video on the subject with epileptic seizure quality video, Helen Keller audio, and a general notion that adopting a manic personality is the best way to convey information.


Can these people not write? How could they possibly think that their talking head delivering information is better than a concise paragraph? They're all the fucking same too.

[random room, TV on loudly in background]

[camera pans randomly as if dropped or mounted on a yo-yo]

"Hey, Ignatz here, and today we're going to make chocolate chip cookies!"

[camera pans to Ignatz ostensibly seated in front of computer]

"We aren't actually going to be baking them but if we did it would be in here…"

[vomit-inducing fast pan to kitchen in the distance]

[camera replaced on yo-yo to pan to ceiling several times then random shots]

[camera pans back to Ignatz]

You get the idea. A recipe is then read to the camera, and no cookies are ever seen during the entire awkward episode. Ignatz gets a million hits because he's so wacky.


As a society we seem to be devolving to the use of oral tradition to pass along knowledge. The message has become secondary to the messenger.

-site:youtube.com is my new friend.