If you are a regular Jez reader you’re no doubt aware of the small but extremely, extremely vocal group of penis people that has long squatted among us. Now, I really have no problem with men commenting on Jezebel. It’s not designed as a women-only “safe space” and I happen to like men as a general rule. What I do have a problem with is the specific type of male commenter that is on there like it’s his job, weighs in on every post—in multiple threads—and gives off a weird and creepy vibe.

You might be saying, “but Nilla, ‘weird and creepy’ is so subjective. Can you be more specific?” Yes. Yes I can. Things like massive oversharing to the point where you’re posting pics from your personal life on completely unrelated posts, comments drooling over and objectifying whatever young woman is the subject of a post, posting rape fantasies (yes, this has happened, and from a very regular commenter). Just being a braying jackass generally. I mean, there’s such a thing as making yourself too at home here, am I right?


It’s the commenting equivalent of manspreading. Come on dudes, at least know your place.