Matt Hardigree from Jalopnik explained that Mercedes Benz did not pull their advertising over this #GamerGate stuff:

Hey everyone, Matt Hardigree, editor of Jalopnik here. No one usually pays attention to my tweets so it's a pretty big day for me, as you might imagine. Granted, being called a liar isn't great, but I'll take what I can get I suppose.

Just to clarify some things because Twitter isn't a great place to do it:

  • Mercedes has not recently advertised with Gawker and is not currently advertising with Gawker, thus there were no advertisements to pull and any claims that they have are false and any emails claiming so have been falsified.
  • At some point, Mercedes was an advertiser with Gawker and thus has been listed as such, as is a common practice. I'm sure our advertising department wishes all of those "partners" were all advertising with us at once, but that's obviously not the case.

This is neither misleading nor out of the ordinary. Think of this way: If you won your trivia league two years ago and you won a trophy for it, it's not like you dump that trophy immediately in the trash. You keep it up and, you hope, add more trophies to it. This is essentially a virtual trophy case.

Here's a similar page on Buzzfeed:


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Also, I've never won a trivia championship and I've just bummed myself out majorly thinking about that. Oh well.

Why our nice folks in the advertising department call them "partners" or how they're chosen is a mystery to me because I don't work in advertising... you can tell by the poor way in which I dress.

Ultimately, I do find this whole trick someone has pulled a little amusing. By choosing an advertiser who hadn't advertised recently but was still listed as, at one point, having advertised, they have made it harder to disprove.

It's like, if you look at the sites you'll see no Mercedes advertising (although, show me a screencap of a Mercedes ad on any recent content), therefore forcing me to sort of prove a negative. It's like me claiming that the Hamburglar stole a million dollars from me. IT'S GONE. THE MILLION DOLLARS IS GONE. DAMN YOU HAMBURGLAR!

I think whomever is behind this has also sown a rather decent amount of confusion amongst the Mercedes customer service department thus, perhaps, some emails from them that say "we aren't related to them" might actually be legit because, like I said, they aren't a current advertiser.

If you wish to, feel free to reach out to @MBUSA on twitter or whomever else you want to verify what I'm saying is true because... it is. Thanks for your time, I'm going to get ice cream because it's saturday and I feel like I've earned it.