So I went to my college orientation and I want to ramble on about it.

I went, and it was ok. The students who were our orientation leaders must be picked based on willingness to commit more goofy assholery before 9 am than most people manage in a whole week. I get that they have been tasked with distracting us from the fact that we are plunging ourselves into debt over a few years of education that do not necessarily guarantee financial security, but did there have to be so much screaming? Seriously, it's 8 o'clock in the morning, your overly chipper camp counselor attitude is not convincing me that college is just so superfun, it is making me want to shove this free t-shirt down your throat.

The first stop, free breakfast, brings out the worst in people, I am convinced. Combine morning grumpiness with human greediness, and it is an unpleasant situation. Since I do not enjoy being hip bumped over some questionably fresh pastries, it also brings out the worst in me. Noooo, I don't think I am done at the coffee station, the speed/direction in which I stir my coffee directly affects its taste. Don't rush me, I will have to start over. Start on one of the four pastries you took while you wait.

People brought their moms and dads too, even the transfer students, which made me really glad my mother was not there. The only upside to bringing her along would have been that the orientation leaders constantly ask for questions from the group, my mother could have driven them crazy. Questions are like, her favorite.

The actual tours and lectures were both exhausting and informative. As long as we were moving and finding things out, I was interested. It was only when, in a group of transfer students, one of them had to ask about something that I can't believe was never gone over in community college, that I checked out. A young woman in our group did not understand that a student loan is the same as any other loan. No matter how simply it was explained to her. She sincerely did not understand that any money she borrows now, has to be paid back, even if it was taken out for school. I am a positive person generally, and believe that most people are capable of the things they want to achieve. But I really wanted to suggest she skip the class registration part of the orientation.

At noon, four hours into orientation, four and a half hours left, I started to feel really lightheaded. When in ten minutes we went down to lunch, I broke away to sit in an empty dark classroom and close my eyes. Lunch ended, something else was happening that I skipped to sit and wait out the nausea, then I went to the bathroom and barfed up everything I have ever eaten at community college, pretty sure. So much puke, I thought my stomach was going to come up too. Won't be the last time I barf in my new school, so you know, glad to have gotten the first time out of the way.

Then I went back to the now empty cafeteria, and ate four ham sandwiches from the lunch spread. Yes, I am gross.

Blah blah blah more information, then we picked classes. Which was the most exciting part. I don't want to write everything out because not all of it is like, totally wrapped up, I am so fucking pleased right now though. I loved my time at community college, but there was this general feeling while I was there of not having plans laid out. I mean, I do believe that "life is what happens while you are busy making other plans", but it's just nice to not have everything so undecided.

I also realize that I have a ton of work ahead of me, it does feel good to not be entirely lost.