..about getting turned down for a job with a company you'd still love to work for (aside from, well, getting turned down)? Writing an e-mail thanking them for the opportunity (because, well, I still want to work for them and will almost certainly apply again in the future—not that I wouldn't have sent some reply, but this was more painful to write).

The second worst part? Having stupidly promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't drink when I'm upset. It still seems like a good idea, but that vodka is quite literally calling out my name from the freezer, offering solace in my time of need (which I think might be the sign of either a deep-seated mental disorder or the fact that my vodka has developed sentience, in which case it would be immoral to drink it).


Also, I'm well aware that this cat .gif is approaching the Bugs-Sawing-Off-Florida saturation level but I don't care; I still like it. Someone find me the picture Quantum Suicide used to post of the guy giving the cat the finger, and I'll stop using this .gif.

ETA: Just to be clear, I am grateful for the opportunity—I didn't think I'd necessarily hear from them when I applied, so I really do appreciate having gotten an interview before being turned down—it will help me to (hopefully) do better the next time.