What's happening with you guys? Let's catch up.

Although I may roam, you're never far from my heart, CLT. Evidenced perhaps by this extraordinarily unwelcome Bod Dylan car decal I spotted on my way to get pizza a few days back. I'm taking it as a sign that I should no longer disparage Dylan in this space, otherwise he'll manifest as a hatchback and run me down.

Mid-week ClashChat


I had fun being away. The safety signs were probably the highlight.

Mid-week ClashChat

Remember: you may fall and DIE. Anyway, I've been reliably informed that my notion of "driving songs" is a stone's throw from "gay anthems." Here are two songs that got fairly decent play during said road trip. Lola's Theme:

The very listenable "Witchdoctor" from Little Red:

That was my week. Let us all know what's up with you, or post your favourite gay anthem so that I may add it to my driving playlist.