My mom and I haven't had one fight-free conversation about my sister's wedding since the engagement this weekend. I can't even ask simple questions, and she's so defensive about having rigged this (see below). My sister struggled with commitment problems until, well, now. She had JUST agreed to move in together and couldn't say the word "marriage" when I asked if that was next.

Mom and my sister's boyfriend planned this all back in February - they picked the ring, booked a venue for this fall (not kidding), and hid it from me because they knew I'd object on the ground that my sister was in therapy during the past year and a half for this very issue. I talked to my sister yesterday. She sounded so weird. She's apparently going with it.

Am I right to be a little worried? Would you be? She questioned whether she even liked this guy for a very, very long time. She's never gushed over him. I've gone back and forth over the years. Now she's saying she's old and she needs to get this done. How romantic!