but Jesus Christ Dodai. You acknowledge that the headline is wildly misleading because you are conflating a fictional character with its creator, but then LEAVE IT AS THE HEADLINE ANYWAY?! UPDATE: 3 hours later, they changed it from "Mindy Kaling wrote a Jezebel post about how a guy "raped her weekend"" to "Mindy Project: A Jezebel Post About How a Guy 'Raped' a 'Weekend.'" Which is just...terrible wording.

I wonder if they did get some formal complaint about the headline as libelous. Kaling apparently tweeted about the headline and then deleted it.

ETA: I wish we could see who recommends posts because dollars to donuts hers were given by people on the GM payroll.

ETA 2: Can Davies give a lesson to the entire staff on how to handle a kerfuffle like a grown up?