Nobody cares though.

It would be more fun if this game was being played in AZ, where there is always a large contingent of Raider fans. As is, it feels as if we don't have much to look forward to this week. The Cardinals are looking far more beatable now than they did a month ago, but my instinct is to be very pessimistic that the Raiders will string together two solid performances in a row. The coaching change and prospect of not having many more winnable games could have a fire lit under the team today, but I'll believe it when I see it.

There is no point in getting worked up about Carson Palmer. He didn't make that dumbass trade for himself. Nobody can argue that Arizona wasn't a better situation for him last year. And with Derek Carr looking so promising our QB issues appear to be over.


It's also always difficult to get too worked up about playing any of the Niners' divisional opponents after spending the overwhelming majority of my Sundays rooting for them. Not that any of them have ever really been the most exciting franchises until this current incarnation of the Seahawks.

So yeah, three hours out, this game is a big ball of meh. Seeing if Andre Holmes can put together another good game will be interesting. We really should try to get a win somewhere along the line here though, so lemme go punch some kittens and get my game-face on.

Go Raiders.