So went to get a ring, and of course I don't fucking know what size fucking ring she wears and ended up getting one a bit too small, but I guess it is an easy fix.

Anyways heres how shit went down. I waited for her to get home by laying on the bed butt naked,(She loves my sense of humor in the bedroom), when she walked in the room I said to her, "What do ya want to do for dinner?" I'll save y'all the grizzly details immediately after that.

So afterwards, she goes and gets us some water from down in the kitchen, this is when I spring into action and snag the ring, she hops back in bed with me to cuddle a bit and when I stick my arm around her, I am kinda playing with her hand, and then with out saying anything I just slid the ring on her finger, and then it gets stuck at the second knuckle, and I am like woops. ASSUME THE SALE ALWAYS! Then I asked her if she liked it which of course she did.


This is the part where my plan kinda got derailed. In her excitement she decided to call her mom and dad both of which did not like the idea of not having any kind of ceremony and just doing it this week. Her dad told me he would never forgive me if he wasn't permitted to give his only daughter away, and him also being a salesman he pot shotted me on not wanting to have a ceremony, kinda calling me a cheap ass, oh well though.

Overall this experience I am finding it somewhat overrated. I am now broke, got the wrong size ring, and now I have to do some kind of ceremony. It's all good though