Elevated discourse takes many forms, but for pure bringing of the Internet crazy, YouTube commenters are still undefeated, untied, and unscored-upon. To wit: the following exchange on a video about a really controversial contemporary topic. No, not Gaza, or Ferguson, or GamerGate. Something truly important and heated: breakfast smoothies. In this case, the hubbub began with a commenter asking what could be substituted for almond milk, since, and I quote, "i am allergic to peanuts"

Putting aside the fact that peanuts aren't almonds, and peanuts aren't nuts (fun fact: despite having "nut" right there in the name, they are, as it happens, a member of the legume family), the following earnest meeting of the minds follows. (Bonus points if you read #1's questions and subsequent attempts at de-escalation through obvious escalation in the voice of Cheryl from Archer. Heck, read all of the comments in her voice—it makes it even better.) Also note how even the people questioning/mocking the idea that peanut and almond allergies are the same thing still think that "there all in the nut family" regardle...actually, it would probably be more accurate to say that there all in the nut family irregardless.